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Prevent Central Heating Problems

People always wonder if there is anything they can do to prevent problems with their Boiler and Central Heating System from occurring. Sure there are instances where calling an Emergency Plumber is the smartest option but what if we could put simple measures in place to avoid spending large sum of money on a Gas or Plumbing Engineer in the event of a Boiler break down or even something simple as a leak. Those of you, who have had leaks know it can cause havoc and so much unnecessary upset.

So lets look at simple prevention method.

1) Inhibitor - Most inhibitors will be contained in one litre bottle which can be sufficient to treat an average central heating system which we estimate to be 8 radiators.

What is Inhibitors - this is a fluid which keeps your heating system healthy and it doesn't cost much at all to buy. All you have to do is switch your boiler off and drain some water from the drain- off-valve located on your central heating system. This is more often on your radiator at the lowest point of the house or flat. Insert the inhibitor through vent-valve using an adjustable spanner usually on the right hand side of the radiator. The Inhibitor can be purchased through most plumbing merchants and very easy to add to your Central Heating System.

Always read the instructions provided and I have found many videos on that you can watch if visual aid is required. We will add more useful tips on how to keep your Central Heating System healthy soon.

Please feel free to call us on 0203 488 1053 for any plumbing or central heating problem you may have even if its just for some advise or guidance, we are always here to help. No open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ,365 day a year servicing London.

Thank you.


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