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Keeping you Central Heating System clean.

As promised more tips on how to keep you Central Heating System alive and healthy for years to come. Get Magna clean installed on your system. "MagnaClean is a magnetic filtration system which collects the dirt and sludge that gathers in all central heating systems, helping to extend the operational life of the boiler, reduce maintenance costs and lower the homeowner’s energy bills".

Such an inexpensive addition to save not only keep things ticking but also save you money on your energy. How this is achieved, simple. Having a clean system means your boiler fires up only when it needs to, keeping your home warm.

IMH Gas & Plumbing Services - We are able to supply and in stall your very own Magna Clean filter on any central heating system. Services we offer;

Areas we cover are;

North London
East London
West London
South London
Also 20 Miles within M25
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